August 23, 2009

Fresh Figs, with Just a Tiny Side of Guilt

Would it still be considered foraging if you picked the basket full of figs in your fridge off the two HUGE trees in the kind of mean neighbors next to where your chickens live who are in France until September? Really, I was rescuing them. Right?

Beside, they were the people who objected to the chickens because they could not understand how a chicken could lay eggs if you didn't have a rooster. And if I don't pick them, they'll just rot anyway. AND, there are THREE varieties. THREE!

Humm, I'm going to need to do some digging in my cookbooks not yet unpacked box for that recipe. That is if I don't just eat them all first. Homemade yogurt, sliced ripe figs, blueberries and honey. Gooooodddd breakfast.