August 28, 2009


It's been a busy week this week. For one thing, Briton started school again Tuesday which was great, only somehow I feel like I've been busier without him home than I was before he went back! How does that happen?

Will and I have been working away in the evenings on our countertops in between Cub Scout Round Up, book club, dinners with friends and getting the kids back on a decent sleep schedule. We're hoping to get the pour done this weekend and then it will need to cure for about two weeks before we can mount it. So two more weeks before we have a normal counter. Two weeks, two weeks....Ahhh.. But who's counting?

With Briton's return to school I churned out a bunch of lunch packing goodies this week, trying out a few new ideas so that we now have enough reuable baggies and sandwich wraps to last us through the year (I hope!)

I also finished painting the kids art table, a project I started the week we closed on the house and then languished, half completed, until this week. Still working on the chairs although I did finally find some fabric for the seats so we should have some good playroom chairs in the next week or so.

Evelyn and I had a blast making her an apron so she can roll out playdough to her hearts content at her new art table without getting her, um, interesting and self chosen outfits dirty necessitating yet another outfit change. One day next week I'm going to try to take a photograph of every outfit she puts on during the day so I can post them. You cant quite understand how creative my girl can be wiht her clothing choices until you see a full days worth of outfits.

Will and I put up the swingset which means I've been spending a few hours a day sitting out in my chair under the tree watching Evie swing, and today, attempt to trace herself lying on the sidewalk with chalk. Very entertaining, but also good for my editing since I have to stay with her but she keeps herself busy so I can finally get back to that book that has been languishing in a basket next to my bed all summer.

So life is clicking along here with lots of to do lists and mini projects but nothing big or exciting. But since I dont have anythign profound to say, well, I'll jsut leave you with some photos and go off to plan dessert for supper club tonight. Humm, what to cook, what to cook....