August 4, 2009


So you know those breathing techniques they teach you when your pregnant. The ones that look funny on movies and that you pretty much forget the moment labor starts? Turns out they are good for more things than cuing the laughs in romantic comedies. They are very hand when, say, your daughter drops a large wooden car on your toe causing your toenail to fall off completely. Or when you are hauling the very solid headboard off your bed across the street to you new house. And t comes in very hand when, as you are applying the fourth and final coat of paint to your soon to be new kitchen cabinets, your husband cock his head and says emphatically "I don't think I like the color after all."

The good news is that I didn't kill him. And in the end, I even agreed with him. The bad news is that I set out at 6 am the next morning to buy a new can of paint to repaint the cabinets which means that instead of having painted and cured doors that could be hung on Saturday as planned, they are still spread out across the newspapered floor of our old dining room. In theory, they will go on tonight after which we will measure for the temporary plywood counter tops to be put on Wednesday. Which means that in theory, we will have a working kitchen by Thursday morning. Minus the Dishwasher, unless a miracle occurs and we get the cabinets in, the counter tops on and the dishwasher plumed and wired. But I'm not holding my breath.

But we really have made progress. In fact, other than the kitchen and the dresser drawers in our room, everything that's coming to the new house is here. And as we only came across the street and didn't do much in the way of packing, the house is looking almost put together. Evelyn keeps telling me that this is our house now and that the other is "broken" and the cat has stopped yowling all night and has started to resign herself to her new abode. If we can get the kitchen in and the pictures hung, it will feel like home.

And just for kicks, here's a before and after of the living room. If I can retrieve it from my poor little computer that has decided to poop out on me, I'll add a before before, as in, before the old owners moved out so you can really get the full impact. For now you'll just have to make do with the empty, unpainted house view and the moved in with new paint one.

**oops, the before disappeared from my memory stick, I'll have to go recopy. Stay tuned...

**Update, OK, I've found the before before, but not the empty before, so this will just have to do :)