August 7, 2009

How to Eat Dried Figs

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday, and in honor of the day, my Grandmother, fabulous woman that she is, sent me a bag of her dried figs. Now let me pause for a moment to explain that these figs are unlike any other dried figs in the world. No, you might think you've had great figs, but these would blow them out of the water. I do have the recipe for them, somewhere, probably in the box of cookbooks that is currently residing in the basement until we get around to building the kitchen bookshelf (would it be weird to have a bookshelf in every room? I don't think so!) But since it's a somewhat long and arduous process that is greatly benefited by having a fig tree in your yard, which my grandmother did when I was growing up and which I, as yet, do not, I've never attempted it. So getting that bag of figs was very exciting.

These photos are not of those figs. One, because I am hording them and I would never allow myself to eat four in one sitting and two, because I actually had this post in mind the day before yesterday and took the photos then. But trust me, it's a good way to eat any kind of fig.

First, take a dried fig or four

Second, smear some cream cheese (NOT the fat free kind, yuck!) on each one

Three, start eating