March 11, 2010


Yesterday, out of the blue, Evelyn told me "You're my best friend mommy." Which, as you may have already guessed, melted my heart right then and there.

We've been walking a lot more now that the weather is nicer (although it's nasty and raining out there at the moment, but that's ok, I got my onions in) Walking to the school to pick Briton up. Walking downtown, walking around the neighborhood, the yard.

I'm home with Evie almost all day everyday but while we are home we are often doing. She is coloring, I'm cleaning, or we're reading books, or she's playdohing and I'm writing..any number of things. We're always doing. But when we are walking we're just...together. We play I spy and talk about clouds and she tells me I'm her best friend.

Next year she will go to preschool three mornings a week, and things will be different. In many ways. So I'm trying to enjoying all the at home moments that I can. I'm still writing and cleaning and making and reading. But I'm also trying to do more coloring and day dreaming and I spying.

Today while she napped I made her a headband. Because I'm her best friend. And best friends do that kind of thing.

This was one easy head band.

I cut two long strips from standard pieces of felt. One was two inches wide, the other was one and a half inches wide. From some scraps I cut out two little bluebirds that would fit easily on the skinnier strap.

After gluing the birds with fabric glue I stitched the straps together with some bright green thread.

And then I used one of the cool stitches on my machine to secure pieces of ribbon (about 10 inches long for each) into the hole between the two layers. Oh, and I added legs and beaks. Because let's face it, they would look weird without legs and beaks.

That was about it. She thinks she looks like a princess in it and, as her best friend, I'd have to agree.