March 30, 2010

The Haircut

Evelyn got her very first haircut last week. Well, not really her very first, I've trimmed her bangs before. But still her first all over hair cut which is kind of amazing for a girl who is going to be four in 3 months (eek! I'll pretend I didn't just figure that out! Four!) She's always had very fine hair that is even finer in the front. Until recently she looked like she had a mullet when it was down (so I guess it's good that she has always been partial to pig tails)

I hadn't planned to cut her hair fora while yet, I love long hair on little girls. But she and her daddy have been plotting over it and after the fourth or fifth time of her flicking her locks at me declaring "I need a haircut mommy" I caved.

In true Evelyn form she sat very still and loved the whole thing, which took all of five minutes. And then in the car on the way home she tried on two different head bands and a hat to see how it looked with her new 'do.

I'm not sure how I feel about her short hair. I loved her little bun pigtails which she called "loopies" and how her ponytail would curl up like a spring when it was humid. Both are short and cute now and I'll get used to them, but I miss the long locks. Oh well, as one of my favorite children's books says "In time birds grow, trees grow, little girls grow and hair grows too." and after all "Today even princesses don't wear long tresses."

Sigh, she's growing up.