March 17, 2010

Sewing 101 - The Three Year Old Version

Well since I got my St. Patrick Days willies out yesterday, Evie and I spent most of the morning running around in the sun. But once she had run herself out we decided to come inside for a rest and a project.

A couple of weeks ago I was sewing one afternoon and Evelyn sat in my lap, fascinated by the machine and the result.

While she is still a few years away from using a machine and probably not quite ready for a real needle and thread, I thought she might like to try sewing cards.

You can buy sewing cards in every shape and color, but instead I decided to have her draw her own images for the cards which turned out to be just the thing for a little afternoon quiet time . Ok, so the truth is I probably would have bought some if the thought had struck me while I was out and about, but I was feeling lazy, and a little cheap (hey, I have a whole garden to plant in the next couple of months! I can't be wastin money on sewing cards :)) So, what is the phrase, necessity is the mother of invention? We'll so is penny pinching cheapness, right? Right.

Evelyn draws "Walking Monsters" no matter what you ask her to draw these days, so she did one monster on his own and also a family. I drew a house for the family, at her request :) All were on a good heavy cardstock.

I cut around the edges and punched holes ever inch or two then gave her some yarn that had one end wrapped tightly in tape. Easy and perfect.

And when she get's bored of them? Well, we'll make some more. Best kind of game in my book.