March 2, 2010

Spring Hopes Eternal

That was not snow I saw fluttering down this morning. It is not in the forecast for tomorrow. It will all be melted away by this weekend so I can get to work on my garden. I'm sure of it. I'll keep saying it over and over until it's true...

Ok, so none of that is true. I wish it was because I'm ready for spring. I've never been so ready for spring in my life. Evelyn and I went out the yard yesterday, her to swing, I to knit in my chair. It LOOKED like spring. Muddy, yes, but the sun was out. Surely it would be warm enough for some desperately needed outside time. After about ten minutes we gave up and came in, fingers blue, shoes muddy beyond recognition.

But despite the coming snow (sigh) and the cold and the wind (I sound like a broken record don't I?) I've decided to move ahead with planting. Today I planted out three flats of flower seeds, now sitting in a row on my little mudroom window greenhouse. Tomorrow I'll get the lettuce going, and maybe the bok choy. The seeds I started last month are sprouting nicely, making me smile whenever I come in the mudroom door from a cold walk, or even a cold dash from the car. Spring will come. It will. At least, I hope it will.