August 27, 2010

And Then There Were None (At Least Until 1)

When I got up this morning and stumbled down the stairs to make coffee and start breakfast, this was the first thing I saw.

I mean, I knew they were there, I packed up lunches and set them out last night so everything was all in one place, ready to go. But still.

She wanted to use Briton's old backpack. The one he had for preschool. I know from experience that in Kindergarten they will ask us to send her with a larger pack, so this is really her only chance. It's old and grubby but it was her brothers and she loves it. So who cares.

We got dressed, brushed hair and teeth and were ready to go, although a little nervous (both Evie and mommy I confess) by 8:15. School starts at 9. Humm, let's play dominos until it's time to go.

She had to wear her coat. HAD TO. So it's a good thing it was overcast and sort of cool this morning because I dont think we could have talked her out of it.

And then we were there.

Coat and backpack into the cubby with her very own name on it.

*cry* To busy for kisses mamma, gotta go mix challah with Miss Lindsey....

How did she grow up so fast?