August 9, 2010

Down Came the Siding

We had had great plans to go DO SOMETHING this weekend. Go rent a canoe, go drive out to a park or some caverns or the peach ice cream festival (yum!) but Briton woke up on Friday morning with a high fever and by saturday it was no better so off to the doctor we went. One quick throat culture later (remember when they took days?) and we found the cause, strep throat. It seems like such a winter sickness to me. But there you are. No weekend wanderings for us. Instead, we ripped off siding. Not all of it of course, but half of the back of the house is now siding free.

Other than the weird, there once was a window there spot by the deck and some truly horrible glazing that will have to be fixed before our windows start to fall out, there weren't even any big surprises (knock on wood) Paint has been chosen, trim tried and accepted, we are all systems go. Now we just have to firgure out how to deal with the high bits.

Although it's nice to have the paint question settled, I'm ready for it not to be 99 degrees out so we can get down to some serious work on this project. This weekend we worked around the sun. Weeding the yard where the shade was while the back of the house baked in direct sunlight and working in short spurts on the siding and paint to keep from getting burnt to a crisp. Still, it's progress, slow progress, but progress none the less.

We also painted the mail box, pulled it out of it's current location (finding a black widow spider lived under the post in the process, eek!) make a make shift solar dryer under which a tray of figs is at this moment drying, and I got to work painting some of the furniture that will go into the teacher lounge at Briton's school once we get the room repainted and a new couch and chairs in. So in all, not a bad weekend, even with the Tylenol/ibuprofen rotations and the grumpy sick boy. Now, fingers crossed that the little sister didn't lick her brother at an importune time so that this weekend we can be penicillin free. Hey, I can dream...