July 1, 2011

snippets from the week

Math on the run. While we waited to get into the Sony Wonder Lab, the kids were in need of a little something sweet. We divided up a packet of M and M's and then Briton made bar graphs from each of our piles. I tell ya, that kid, he loves the graphs.

Mo Williams got it backwards, the pigeon doesnt want a puppy. The Puppy wants a pigeon. Really, really wants one! Nigella has found her inner bird dog at last. Alas, her bird of choice taunts her from every corner and every scrap of park. Lots of whining has ensued.

I walk down this street every morning but only just noticed this in the sidewalk. Actually Evie noticed it. It makes me wonder what else she and Briton see that Will and I miss.
We met up with a group of Homeschoolers who play once a week at a truly fabulous playground in Central Park. This is carved into the park entrance nearby. I couldn't tell if there was a Girls Gate on the other side because an ice cream truck was parked in my way. Next time.
This week there are Piano's all over New York for Pop Up Pianos. This one was in Central Park near the Harlem Meer where we went to fish. (You can check out free rods! How cool is that?) Somehow I don't think I'll ever fish and listen to strangers play piano at the same time ever again.

He didn't catch any fish, not even a nibble. But the people next to us had better luck and told us where to get the good bait for next time. It didn't really matter, the view made up for the lack of bites.
Briton had no interest in trying out the piano but Evie sat for a long time and played all the little songs she knew from her piano lessons. She also had her picture snapped by a few tourists girls who kept saying "so cute!" And it was.

Have a fun and safe Fourth of July everyone!