July 8, 2011

snippets from the week

It took us more than two hours to get home after the fireworks on Monday and we seem to have spent most of the rest of the week recovering from our very late night. Lots of at home time. Lots of crazy erector set building and coloring and projects with mama. A good week.

We heard about it in the play garden. The Fire Brigade Parade, which is really the firemen from our block driving their truck down Morningside Drive while all the kids in the neighborhood follow behind on their bikes. Before they rolled out, everyone who wanted got a chance to sit in the truck. Evelyn liked the hats best.

At the end of the parade, much to the delighted squeals of the kids, the firemen shot the water canon at the crowd. Wet, happy children.

We walked a good third of the way home, waiting for the roads to clear out or the subway stations to calm down enough for us to find a spot. The fountain at Lincoln Center was the perfect place to rest and have an ice cream cone (the 11:30 pm ice cream cones earned us cool parent status for at least a week)
We had a little competition, Evie and I vs. Daddy, to see if we could make pasta from scratch before he got a pot of water boiling. It was a tie. Which means that I should make homemade pasta more often. No "it takes too long" excuse when the food processor is involved. Not that I will. But I should...
Watermelon Smiles. Definitely my kid.

She helped me make some superhero cuffs but then insists on wearing them on her ankles instead of her wrists. Apparently it keeps the bugs away. Alert Scientific American folks! I've found the cure for mosquitoes! Felt Superhero Cuffs!
A "heart", from my boy. Whom I love (along with his sister, of course) more than anything.