July 29, 2011

snippets from the week

Short but sweet, that's the name of this week. Having missed Monday due to travel, I've felt slightly off kilter all week but I'm hoping that the weekend will rectify that. This morning we are off to the zoo, and tomorrow a play if all goes well. Sunday our boy comes home and some of our dearest friends are coming for a visit. I can't wait.

While the drawing and art gazing was fun, Evelyn's favorite part of our museum trip of definitely that dress up room.

So many outfits to try.
We finally got a chance to visit the Discovery Room at the Natural History Museum. This hands on space for kids always seems to be closed when we visit but luckily this time we made it in. Trey limit kids to a 45 minute stay which is smart because Evie could have stayed there all day looking at frogs and toads, building a full sized dinosaur skeleton, digging or fossils (this was really cool, I assumed it was just a little sand over plastic to brush away but it actually requires chisels and some elbow grease. The staff said it takes two weeks of kids working on it to "dig it out") playing memory with minerals and shells and building a totem pole. I think we have a new favorite museum spot!

Yesterday I was mopping the floors and decided to tackle a sticky spot on our greige linoleum near the garbage cans with a Magic Eraser (I love those things) When I was done I found that our floors are not a nasty grey beige but instead are actually white, under years of grime. That's the good news. The bad news is that now I have to scrub the whole floor so that I don't have one weird white square in the middle of the kitchen. Nothing like making work for yourself.

We have discovered tire swings. And we love them. She loves them, at least. I, on the other hand, sit on a near by bench watching her being hurled in the air, spinning so fast she blurs calling out "Hold on tight Evie!" every few minutes. Can watching your child spinning on a swing cause a heart attack?

Off to see the seals and the turtles and the monkeys! Hope you all have a lovely and cool weekend!