July 15, 2011

snippets from the week

I seem to have taken a larger than normal amount of pictures this week. I've been reading through a digital photography tutorial so some of it has been practicing different settings and angles, but also, we've just had a busy, fun week. I'm off to my parent's house for ten days so I'll be mostly away next week but I'm sure I'll at least have some photos to share by next Friday! Have a great week everyone!

Remember when I said I saw a cat waiting for the bus? That's ok, no one around here believed me either. But then we had to catch the bus one afternoon this week and as we stood there who should wander up to wait with us but this sweet thing. Evie was in love. We almost missed getting on the bus because she was so busy snuggling him.

Briton learned a trick or two from the circus people at the park this weekend. Like, how to balance a plate on a stick.
And how to use one of those giant yo-yo things.
Evelyn did not have much luck with the circus tricks so she just made faces at me.
And then found a hole in a rock which she thought was way cooler than either the concert of the circus people. She might have been right.
Humm, I think it might be genetic.

It was hard to resist sticking my hand into this fountain to see where some of the cool coins were from. Lots of different shapes and sizes and colors, but this frilly edged one was my favorite.
This is the second funniest sign I saw this week. The first I did not manage to get a photo of because I was carrying a very, very tired little girl and her scooter and my bag and a bag full of wet play in the fountain clothes and holding the hand of a tired not-so-little boy. But for the record, it said:

"It's only going to get hotter out there.
You should probably just come inside where
there is A/C and cold beer.
The only thing hot in here
is the Bartender. "

I actually went back the next day to take a picture of the sign but they had changed it to something about the world cup. Oh well. I've decided that, on the strength of that sign alone, that will be my go-to bar. If I ever get a chance to go to a bar while we live here. Which is unlikely, but, you know, a girl can dream.

Trying to count the tiles in the mosaic. Thank goodness she got bored with that or we could have been there a long, long time.

I managed to get some sewing done this week. This was the beginning of my new bag (yay! a bag that does not have hole in the lining that my phone and keys always seem to be drawn to) but I also recovered my camera strap and made myself the worlds most comfy pencil skirt. It was also the fastest piece of clothing I've ever made. Three minutes. Maybe. I said "Ok, get your shoes on, we're going to the park!" before I started and I still beat them to the door, with my new skirt on, before Evie had both shoes buckled. I'll be sharing that one soon. Promise.