October 28, 2011

snippits of the week

There is nothing sweeter, I think, than waking up to find someone small and warm (or not as small as they used to be and warm) snuggled up in the crook of your neck. Or finding a note on your pillow from a small someone who has suddenly realized the wonder of words.
Some days, motherhood (parenthood) is hard. I don't want to get up and pack a lunch and take her to school. I don't want to teach or make dinner or do anything. I want to read, or daydream, or just sleep. Fortunately, that's only some days. Most days, most days are sweet. How can they not be with these two around?
It's getting colder here. On Saturday it's supposed to snow, although how much I don't really know. Although the city is a little faster paced than my internal clock, the weather here is much more my speed. Wool coats and fleece jackets and hats and sweaters. I'm comfortable dressed for cold in a way that I will never be for heat. Last night the radiators in our building came to life, hissing and clicking and giving off that lovely radiator heat. I haven't lived in a house with old radiators since I was little and just the sound of them was comforting. The candles help too. I sometimes forget about candles in the summer, but when they days get short, it's nice to see them glow.
Last weekend we found a street fair. They are every where right now. Streets closed off, games and rides and good things to eat. (And really bad for you things to eat. Mozzerapes. Grilled cheese sandwich made from cornbread and mozzarella. Yum). This one was small. Hosted by a Montessori school a few blocks away, but lots of fun. Cupcake decorating, toss games, face painting. The perfect Sunday afternoon.
And just so you know I didn't forget that Halloween is coming. Here is the sign of the week. I'm tempted. I tell you. Totally tempted.
Have a happy weekend everyone!