October 26, 2011

thinking of

Blogger, for reasons unknown, seems to have eaten yesterday's post. Perhaps the good folks in charge don't like beets and sweet potatoes. Who knows.

This morning I'm sitting in an disorganized apartment listening to workmen re-plaster the wall in the kids room to fix some Hurricane Irene damage (water + wind + old walls = plaster disaster) while the furniture from the kids room takes up all available space in our room and the office while Briton does his work at the coffee table (next to Will, also working at the coffee table). Hopefully this will be a one day project. I'm not sure we could last in here longer than that.

That's what I'm doing. But as for what I'm thinking...
I better send this little lady off today, because Evelyn has been casting longing looks at her. Seeing that lovely poofy hair on her makes me want to give Eliza a new do.

Knitting baby hats is ridiculously fun. I'm halfway through a pair of very small hats for a pair of as yet to be born twin girls which makes me wish that I'd been a knitter when my own kids were babies (don't even think about it. That ship has sailed!)
Trying to decide which of these clothes Eliza needs and which of these Evelyn needs for Christmas. And also trying to decide if my French is up to pattern reading.

And thinking of sewing, maybe the two blissful, child-free hours that I'm getting this afternoon will not be spent on paperwork, or even writing. But where oh where can I set up my sewing machine today?

Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread Mix is much better made with applesauce and an egg instead of oil and milk and eggs. And it was pretty darn good the original way too.

One Halloween costume down, one to go, and then I can work on my own. This year I am not going to be a witch or Donna Reed, my standards for the past several years. Shocking, I know. Will hasn't figured his out yet, but since the bearded lady idea and exicution materilaized mintues before we headed out last year, I think he can handle himself (although I did float the idea of the two of us going as Mary Poppins and Burt. No go. Maybe next year)
No one in my family will do this costume. Such a shame. I love it. (via Pinterest)

And that will have to do, because now I need to go help translate some hieroglyphics numeration system math problems.