January 16, 2012


My day at Vogue Knitting Live has come and gone and I'll be talking about that, I'm sure, for days (weeks, months) since it was one of the nicest grownup fun days I've spent in ages. But today is Will's last day of vacation. So we are doing a whole lot of nothing.
Nothing means that there are candles lit, even though it's barely afternoon. And there are piles of knitting projects, started, almost finished and still in the "just dreaming" stage, dotted around the living room.

There is a jungle being built in one of the bedrooms, complete with pom pom palm trees and raincoat green grasses.
Evelyn, who has only recently been introduced to the wonderfulness that is Harry Potter, has been humming the theme song all morning and chanting (mispronounced, but very dramatically reenacted) spells, much to the delight of her brother who is taking full advantage of it. (Think Harry Potter meets the Jungle of Doom here)

I might, might get adventurous and make some cookies later. Maybe. Or I might just keep knitting.

Tomorrow it's back to real life. Tomorrow we have to stick to schedules and pack lunches and work on a math review and start the last studio project of the year. I'm trying not to think about that too much.

Today is for nothing. I like a little bit of nothing.