January 27, 2012

snippits of the week

This morning it is wet and rainy in New York. The sidewalks are shiny and slick and crowded with umbrellas. I'm always surprised to see that, in a city where winter outerwear is almost exclusively black, black and more black, umbrellas and rain boots are almost obnoxiously colorful. Polka dots and leopard prints and rainbow hues.
We've had every sort of weather this week. Saturday's snow is long gone, one day it was warm enough to go out in just light sweater.

It was frigidly cold and ferociously windy, but today is just a typical rainy day.

Soup weather. (I'm in love with this cookbook currently. Winter veggies. Yumm. This soup is the Ribolita and it was delicious!) I like typical rainy days, even when I've accidentally word my pants that are just a leeeeetle too long and are only a micro-inch off the ground. Which isn't a problem except when it rains and the water seeps up my ankles.
Because the weather has been...variable...this week, we've spent a lot of time inside playing.
And making stop-motion movies. Between the box of Will's old transformers that arrived this week from his mom and their newly established rolls as director and assistant director, the post-homework/pre-dinner hour have resulted in many, many, many films.
In case you're wondering what happens when you let a nine and five year old loose with stop-motion software and a built in isight here you go.

I picked the music :)

Briton and I spent yesterday exploring the Brooklyn Museum. We're going through a serious Rick Riordan phase here, with one of the Egypt books being read and the other being listened to (over and over and over) on an ipod, so the Egyptian Wing over in Brooklyn has been high on his list of things to do.
Smaller than the exhibit at the Met, it was a nice, manageable amount of things to see. And other than a class that wandered through for a few minutes, we were just about the only people in that part of the museum which meant that Briton could hop from statue to canopic jar to papyrus scroll and I could actually read the signs without wondering if he was in someones way.

The other part of the museum that we loved was the visible storage. I remember seeing this kind of museum storage when we were puttering around one of the museums in Dublin and I find it fascinating. The Brooklyn Museum had mounted ipads scattered around the room so that you could find out more about the objects but we really just wandered. And I found my next bike.
Today is library day. We have picked up our old Charlottesville habit of hitting a cupcake shop and then the library after school every Friday. It's not quite the same, mostly because neither the cupcake shop owners nor the librarians are particularly friendly, but it's a good tradition. This is not our library. In fact, the library we go to is a shabby 1950's building that has been under construction since we moved here. But this building is a block away from it and we pass it on our way to the bus each week and I love it. It's prompted many discussions between Briton and I about what a privilege a library system is.

Have a warm and cozy weekend!