January 6, 2012

snippits of the week

For the first time since, well, probably since we had kids, we went OUT for New Years Eve. We've done nights in with friends, but other than that, the past eight New Years have been pretty quiet. This year we hit First Night in my parents home town (with the kids) and saw some crazy cool science experiments, heard some truly awful music at a kids dance party, watched "Professional Hula Hoopers" and took over the photo booth which was meant for the kids but was way to fun to leave alone.
Although this shot doesn't really do it justice, that pink wig was a goof foot and a half high. I want one.
Here's my sign of the week. I think I actually took it last week but it got lost in the jumble of vacation. This is in a grocery store. Now does that make you want to continue shopping for food? Or go home and bury your head under a pillow screaming "Ewwwwwww"? I thought so.
Back in the homeschooling game. Yes, he is learning, not napping. I promise. Really. No, really.
When we got home from the trip, we found a package waiting for us with the game Beat the Parents inside, sent by some of our oldest friends.
It wasn't until we started playing it that I realized that it is EXACTLY the same game that we used to play before kids - Battle of the Sexes (the ladies always won, of course) except now, instead of asking mostly sexist and sometimes obscene questions, we get things kids know but parent's don't or things parents should know and kids might not questions.

It was a big hit and the adults only barely scraped by with a win.
And finally, I'd just like to say a big old congratulations to our friends Sean and Alicia who welcomed twin girls last night. You guys rock and we can't wait to meet the little ladies! And I think I need to make them hats like this. How cute are they?