January 13, 2012

snippits of the week

Last night, I baked. From scratch. It's been a while. Sometimes I look back on old blog posts and realize that I used to bake A LOT. And now I almost never do. Partly because I'm busy, partly because we have the worlds worst oven that turns our tiny kitchen into a sweltering hole and partly because, I guess I'm just less inspired to bake these days. I'm sure I'll get back to it at some point. At least I hope so.
I picked up a jar of coconut oil from Trader Joes last weekend. Not because I had something in mind to use it for, but just because I keep seeing references to it and thought I'd give it a try. After pondering a few recipes I settled on this one from 101 cookbooks and I'm so glad I did. This was the perfect recipe to try out (and introduce to the picky eaters) a new ingredient. I'm not sure I'd really classify it as a cookie, it's more like a round granola bar. But yummy none the less. We polished off all but one last night over Bones and The Finder and I finished the last this morning (they are kind of breakfasty, right?). Delicious.
Briton is still working on his sky tram project. He's stumped over how to make the tram change levels and head off in a different direction. I foresee a trip to the Roosevelt Island Tram in our future.
Know what you get when you cut open glow stick and dump them in a jar? Happy kids. Giggly, happy kids. Best 99 cents I spent this week.
This lady was walking around the MoMA store barefoot. Why? She would stop, put down her shoes, and look at things, then pick them up and move on. Hummm.
The Christmas decorations are officially gone. And the house was looking a little bare. I'm not one for Valentines decorations usually, but this turned out so simple and pretty. I think I may leave it up all winter. Just because.
With all the cold and wind and rain, we've been spending a lot of time hunkered down as a family. Lots of board games, card games (the Monopoly card game is our current favorite, it's so fun!) movies and snuggles. Will and I have watched more movies together in the past week then we did all last term. It's pretty darn nice, I have to say.

Wishing you a nice, cozy weekend!