September 14, 2012

new little faces

This morning I find myself a bit distracted by the two newest members of our family, added late last night after a post-soccer-practice drive over the pass. Delphinium Daisy (otherwise known as Finn) and Pebble (or PB, to go with our Jelly). Finn is the darker (and the more adventurous) of the two.
We've been planning this for a while. A cat that will enjoy the kids, and the dog, and being inside. (Since ours doesn't enjoy any of those things. In fact, she's gone totally feral, feared missing at the moment) And then when we started reading about kittens, we found that bringing home siblings is often better for everyone involved. But I'll tell you what, neuter and spay programs in Vermont must be pretty effective because finding one kitten, let along two, was not very easy.

We visited several shelters and talked to many more and with no luck. The only thing available seemed to be skittish barn kittens or older cats, neither of which quite fit the bill. So when these two popped up for adoption, two little girls just the right age, from a family with kids and dogs who just happened to be the tiger stripy variety the kids wanted, it was too good to pass up, even if it meant a slightly late in the evening drive over the mountains.
They are, as you may have guessed, well loved already. Especially by the dog who either thinks they are her puppies or that she is a mama cat. She woke me up every time they crawled out of their basket over night and has spent the morning pacing between them in case one gets lost. The kids, and I must admit Will and I as well, are equally taken with these two. So this morning each time I sit down, I seem to be getting up again to fish someone off the piano bench or out from under the cabinets, the dog whimpering at me until they are safe again.
It was a hard sell to get everyone out the door this morning and only done with many promises of a weekend of cuddle and play time. Now we just need to figure out how each of the kids can have one sleeping with them (their plan) when Nigella clearly has other ideas for these two.