September 21, 2012

spilling out

Oh you guys, I was good, I really was, all though Evelyn's sweater. I had two projects on the needles, one small enough to keep in my bag (a handspun wool hat for Briton) and the sweater. And that's it. And then I bound it off, and cast on Briton's and I was still good. Just two projects, cranking along. So I'm not sure how I got to the point where my workbasket is literally spilling over with yarn and all my bags have projects in them and I have both a quilt and embroidered ornaments in progress (this kit - how could I resist?) and yet I still spent a good two hours cruising Ravelry last night because I need to make a sweater for me, and a scarf,  or maybe some mittens, ohhh look at that cape!  I wonder if Evelyn would wear that?

I blame the cold weather. I always want to knit, but when the wood stove is cranking away and it's 35 degrees out there at night, I really really want to knit. I NEED to knit. All the time. Or at least sit with wool in my lap.

So these days I have one, two, THREE hats a going.

And Briton's sweater.

And some mittens with my favorite me-spun yarn.

And some socks that I found half finished in my long lost yarn box (which wasn't lost, but just in storage.

And also I realized I have lots of crazy sock yarn sitting around that needs to be crazy stripy socks, so there's that too.

I can't tell you how many times Will has accidentally sat on, knelt on, or tripped over knitting projects this week. Sock needles are particularly painful to step on I'm told (oops) I'm out of control, and the cold weather has just begun. We may be engulfed in yarn before spring comes. So if we stop responding to calls, my friends, send help, because the yarn probably has us trapped.

Oh, Rhinebeck and the Vermont Wool Festival are both coming up which means....more yarn! Mummmm, I can't wait.

Anyone else feeling the cool weather knitting/project bug hitting?