September 19, 2012

sunshine and storm

 Yesterday it rained all day long. Not just rained, poured. The wind blew, the rain blew and I stayed indoors, curled up in the armchair with my computer, covered in blankets and kittens. I wrapped my teapot in a dishtowel to keep it from going cold and kept the wood stove going for most of the day. And it was nice. Nice to just snuggle down with slippers on and big mugs of tea.

But sunshine is also nice as well. Today the sun is out, in that after a storm bright and shiny kind of way. This morning I planted mums outside our door and then took the dog for a kindling gathering walk since tonight it is supposed to get down to almost freezing. The old green crate, which used to be strapped to my sled to keep me in as a toddler, is full, ready for the cold snap. I stacked firewood in the sunroom, ready for this evening. For now the house is still warm from yesterday's fire. Later there will be some knitting, because even in the sun, it's sweater and hat weather out there, my favorite kind. Wishing you a beautiful fall day, wherever you are.