May 28, 2009

Because Even Guest Princesses Need Wands

In two weeks my daughter Evelyn will be turning three. And unlike her last two birthday's which consisted of a few family members and a cake, this time we are going for a full out party. And since my little girl thinks no day is complete without a tutu and a crown, we're not just doing a party, we're doing a fairy princess tea party, with all the glittery, poofy, ribbony details.

So for the past two weeks I've been plotting, planning, gluing and glittering things for the party. We've got princess crowns in the works, cupcake recipes to try (with white frosting so we don't get stains on our pretty dresses) doilies and decorations for the table to plan and even the princess dress hanging in the closet.

Today's project was the invitations. Now I may be crazy, but I just can't do those mass produced, fill in the blank invite. There's nothing wrong with them, and someday I'm sure I'll find myself filling one out, but at this stage in my children's lives, I like to go whole hog. We've had oragami box invitations and dinosaur bone invitations and hotwheel cars pulling birthday wishers banners. And for Flower Fairy Princess Tea Party invitiations I thought to myself, "What does every flower fairy princess need? A magic wand! That's what!" So magic wands it was.

Starting with some unpainted flowers mounted on dowels (I thought about stars but I could just imagine the tales of siblings being poked in the eye with pointy stars) I painted the stems and the flower (pink! Of course!) added lots of ribbons for swishy magicy fun, and lettered the invitation information on some pretty die cut cards and topped it off with just enough to be pretty and not irritating glitter spray. So, how did they fair? Well my daughter shrieked with glee when she saw the bundle of them on the table and then spent the rest of the evening dancing around waving her wand (because I had to make one for her too!) and "ZING!ing" every on she passed. So I guess their a hit.

Now onto the crowns, and the cakes and the table decorations and....Well, check back here and you'll get to see.