May 14, 2009

Cookie Epiphanies

A sad thing happened today in our kitchen. It happens every year, and although I know it's coming, I can't seem to avoid the twinges of heartache that accompany it. Yes, that's right, the Girl Scout Cookies ran out. More specifically, the Samoas ran out. I know, depressing.

The thing is, this year the Samoas disappeared faster than usual. And I can't even blame my kids for it. They don't really like them (ok, they don't really know what they taste like since every time they even THINK about touching my cookies I describe how horrible they are, it works for now) No, this time, it's all Will's fault.

Will has had two cookie epiphanies in the past month. The first one was over Fig Newtons. Fat Free Fig Newtons as a matter of fact. Now, as we know, I'm a big fan of the fig. And I've been trying to get Will to appreciate the deliciousness that is the dried fig for, oh, I don't know, maybe ten years, probably more. His reaction has always been "yuck, they are so gross looking! no way!" And then, one day a few weeks ago, while rummaging in the cupboard, he bi-passed the tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies and snagged one of my Fat Free Fig Newtons.

"Hey! These are good!" he exclaimed. Well, duh, they have figs in them, of course they are good. But instead of pointing out that I've been trying to tell him about figs for a decade, I went a different route.
"Oh, you don't want those, they are fat free." I tried. The truth is that fat free or not, they are really good. Not plain old dried figs good or gooey fudgey brownie good, but for something that I don't feel totally guilty eating an hour after a workout, they are pretty darn great.

"No! I like these! Especially this brown stuff in the middle. Is this fig? Why didn't you ever tell me figs were good."

Let's just pretend I kept my cool and said nothing.

So what does that have to do with the tragedy of no more Girl Scout Cookies? Well, here's where the second epiphany comes in. Every year, Will's mom buys us a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. Which is good because I don't know any Girl Scouts these days, so she's our only source for cookie goodness. Will usually gets a couple of boxes of Thin Mints (which, by the way, I caught him crumbling into his yogurt one morning! How is that healthy?) and maybe a box of Tag-a-longs, which we both like, and I get a box of Samoas. It's always an exciting day when I crack open a box from Texas to be greeted with that bright purple box.

Now I won't lie, I hoard those babies. Like I said, I don't want anyone touching my cookies because, hey, I only get ONE box a YEAR! I have over the years, offered one or two of the precious things to Will, knowing full well that because they contain coconut, he won't eat them. So imagine my surprise this year when Will dug into the box (having eaten all of his Thin Mints already, not surprising when he is now eating them for three meals a day)

Once again I got the "Hey! These are great! Why didn't you tell me that before?" And once again I tried to talk him out of them.

"They have coconut Will." I reasoned

"I can't taste it! " he countered.

Needless to say, the box is empty.

So, just, as my Uncle Greg used to say, for shits and giggles and because I was feeling a little mopey about my lost cookies, I typed "Samoa cookie recipe" into Google.

Who knew?

There were tons of recipes for Samoas. I guess I (and now Will) belong to an extensive club of Samoa-lovers who mourn the day when the purple box is empty.

I wont share the recipe just yet. I tried one and while it was good, it wasn't perfect. But I promise that if and when I do manage to make the perfect Samoa cookie, I'll let you in on the secret. For now, I have to go gorge myself on almost Samoa bars that are finally cool enough to eat.

Now, I wonder if I could figure out how to make Fig Newtons?