May 18, 2009

Lazy afternoon

I had grand ambitions to write today. About the cherry clafoutis I made yesterday or about the birthday invitations I'm working on for Evelyn's party or the princess crowns also for said party or maybe about the asparagus and hollandaise french toast I made last week and which will be reappearing on my dinner table tomorrow night. Like I said, grand plans.

But when I took Evelyn upstairs for her nap she whispered "I want a mommy snuggle" when I bent down to kiss her. How could I resist. Usually she is not a snuggler when it comes to sleeping. Briton LOVES to curl up in bed beside me and drift off to sleep. Evelyn, on the other hand, likes to play for a while, change shoes, sing, change skirts, wad up her blankets into a nest, pull on a tutu and then eventually, drift of to sleep on her own. So today was a treat for both of us.

The radio hummed softly with the classical music that NPR plays in the afternoon, reminding me of hot summer days at my grandparent's house where the big wooden radio cabinet always seemed to have classical music tinkling from it's speakers. Evelyn curled up against me patting my cheek with her hand and smelling of peanut butter from lunch. And there we lay until we were both asleep.

Sadly the part of my brain that knows I have things to get done woke me a half an hour later and I slipped out of her room and down the stairs. So now it's off to do my afternoon chores and set to work on my new project, and the blogging will have to wait for another afternoon when I haven't been wheedled into a long, lazy snuggle with my girl.