May 29, 2009

A Pillowcase by Any Other Name

I love when the mail comes. Even when it's just bills, even when I know there will be nothing exciting, I still love to open the mail box. Because, well, you never know what will be there. And yesterday was one of those days that keeps me checking the box without dread. Because yesterday there was something fun and unexpected.

Actually it wasn't in my mailbox, it was on my door step. A big old cardboard box with a sticker on it that said "packed by Krissy" (I have no idea who Krissy is but I just liked that it said that). Inside the box was a stack of craft books and kits that I'm reviewing for another blog. Bead kits, fimo sets, sewing books, all sorts of goodies to keep me busy in the coming weeks. When Briton caught a glimpse of one of the kits later in the day he came running telling me that he found something "AMAZING!" on my desk. (Now what were you doing fooling around on my desk kiddo?)

Amongst the books was one that instantly caught my eye. "Dozens of Way to Repurpose A Pillowcase" Yes it's a mouth full, but totally worth it for all the fun projects pictured inside. And perfectly times too.

When Briton was about two, I bought a huge box of linens at an auction. I really only wanted the set of delicatly embroidered napkins on top, but as with lots of auctions, it was a bulk lot so I got it all. Over the years I've used the table clothes, plain napkins, and doilies that were in that box, and I've purposly not used the stack of pillowcased, thinking that one day I'd have a little girl who was just the right size to make pillowcase dresses. And strangly enough, earlier this week I pulled out the pile realizing that now was that time.

Most of them aren't in great shape, with rips and tears and a few stains. But the edging is still beautiful and now that I've flipped thorugh the book and seen all the great, not-just-your-ordinary-pillowcase-dress ideas, I'm ready to get started. The only problem now is choosing which project to do with which pillowcase. The sundress? The skirt? The apron? The lamp shade? So many ideas, so little nap time.