May 13, 2009


Well, first off, I have to tell you that last night I dreamed I was up at the chicken coop and the chickens were laying eggs faster than I could gather them. Eggs, eggs, everywhere, filling up hats and buckets and the rubbermaid tub we keep their food in. And while the dream state me was racing around the coop trying to keep up with the egg grabbing, the real me woke up with a start trying to decide if it was really a dream or if I need to call the newspaper so they could report on our over productive chickens. Since it was still dark outside and I had no baskets of eggs next to the bed, I decided that I had not been sleep-egg gathering and went back to sleep. Only to dream of flan. Hummm, I think I must have eggs of the brain.

But in bigger news... we're buying a house. It's been semi-official for a few weeks but today we started the official, get the bank to do it's appraisal/countdown to closing thing. So now it's starting to feel very real. This move will mark our third excursion into do it yourself home renovation as well as our shortest move ever. Our last move was just about as far as you could go while still staying in the Continental US (Oregon to Virginia). The move before that was even longer and included a very wide body of water (Ireland to Oregon) and this move, well, we are crossing the street. Literally.

That also means that every time I look out the window, go get the mail, leave for the bus, I see our future home. And THAT means that the voices in my head go something like this these days.

Your almost out of pull ups, you should stop and get some
And don't forget to marinate the chicken
Oh, I like that blue, I wonder how that would look as a color for the front door?
Concentrate Gillian, your dealing with dinner. Right, Asparagus trimmed? Asparagus, I love the color of asparagus, I wonder if I could paint the kitchen cabinets asparagus green.

What story should I read the kids tonight? Nurse Matilda? Sure, that's a good one. I need to get a sander, those floors will definitely need sanding. Oh, hey, what's that plant that that guy had in his yard, yeah, that guy who I stopped to talk to the other day, that would look good by the new gate. Should our fence be white or natural wood. And do I want a Bosch dishwasher or a GE. Oh, right, story time.

It's very distracting. But I guess since this house needs A LOT of work (humm, if the siding under the Aluminium lap is in fact cedar shake would it be better to leave it natural or paint it?
- STOP Gillian! Concentrate) I'll be thinking this way for a good while to come. So don't take it personally if I meander into a granite or wood block counter top debate with myself mid recipe in the months to come. (I really like the look of wood but granite seems like less upkeep, what do you think. Ahhhh...See?)

**The image is of the side view of the house we are buying, looking down the yard toward the house. Will has some crazy plan to make this the front of the house at some point. What can I say, he's the architect....