June 9, 2009

Bad Diva

I have to admit it. I've been a bad domestic diva this past week or so. You see, normally I'm pretty organized. I'm beyond a list maker, I'm a schedule maker. Don't laugh! It's the only way I get things done. If I don't have everything scheduled, color coded and compartmentalized, it doesn't' get done. I do all the laundry on Tuesdays, I bake on Friday, I answer letters, pay bills and do any paper work on Wednesdays. And within the day I have a time for everything. And my month is divided up by which room I am making my way through cleaning wise (this week I am working on the kitchen and playroom with today's tasks being clean the cabinet fronts and sort the bookshelf, see-I'm nuts!) Ok, I guess you can go ahead and laugh. It is pretty funny. I even have a color coded weekly chart for summer activities. Because the thing is, I'm actually terribly lazy if given a chance. If I don't write down EXACTLY what I need to do and when, I do nothing. I sit on the couch and read trashy novels or watch movies or daydream. I get into the mindset that I can do it all later. and then later never comes. Which is why I live a color coded life.

But for the past, oh, say, week and a half, even color coding can not keep my mind from spinning in circles.

School let out so my normal schedule has gone to pot and I'm trying to transition everyone into a new one. I've got a birthday party to plan for the weekend, crowns to make, cakes to bake, decorations to find.

Oh, and the there's skateboarding lessons, swim lessons, ballet lessons, art lessons and all the other classes, activities, free movies, parades, concerts and events that make Charlottesville a great place to live

And then there's the house, the new house, whose closing date is looming and whose new paint colors are not chosen even though we are now down to 31 days to do everything inside that needs doing before we move in. I haven't even begun to think about packing (and really, I wont, since I cant even wrap my head around packing boxes only to carry them across the street, blah) I have contractors to call (No AC and we're moving in in July, HAHAHAHA!) papers to get to loan officers, mortgage brokers, insurance reps.

Plus I'm trying to get a new book proposal written and sent out in the next month. Plus.... well, life still needs living. Kids need to be taken to the pool and the park, and the library. Summer reading challenges need to be met, math skills need to be kept up, and above all, fun must be had. It's summer after all. And my kids will only be almost (three days left) three and nearly seven for one summer in their lives. I don't want to miss that.

So I guess it's ok that I haven't done a lot of baking (no cookies in the house to speak of, although that's probably better for my now daily swimsuit wearing self) or a lot of sewing or a lots of making or even a lot of blogging. There is still a part of me that wants to get it all in. Write, craft, sew, bake, skateboard with the boy, dance with the girl, kiss the husband, keep the house clean, design the new house, pack the old and have a fun summer. Is that too much to ask?

Probably, but if my color coding has anything to say about it, I'll give it a whirl.