June 19, 2009

Not French Fry Days, French Fridays

If I could change one thing about my life, it would be my lack of knowledge, and I mean a real fluent knowledge, of a foreign language. I so envy people who were raised bilingual, who are raising their children in bilingual households. I have a very limited grasp of French and as I've said, Briton knows more Spanish than I do. But I can dream.

I have this plan, when Will is done with his tests, when we move, when the house is done, when we have more time, of having French Fridays at our house. I've been around language enough to know that immersion is really the way to go, but as I can't see us moving to France anytime so (hold on a moment while I fantasize about that. Ahhhhh... Ok, I'm back) anyway, since I don't think living in France is in the plan at the moment, I would love to set up a little mini-immersion environment in our house. One of these days I'll do it. I'll institute French Friday's where we only watch videos in French, speak to each other in French, eat in French, or at least, French foods.

For now I'll have to settle for French braids though. I tried these out on Evie for the first time for her party. and much to my surprise, every morning since then when I've told her it was time to brush her hair and put in her piggies (as she calls her pigtails) she says "I want braids!" That my just barley three year old is content to sit and have her hair braided each morning is kind of odd. But I guess by now nothing shocks me about her. And besides, they're just so darn cute!

So I'll take the braids for now, and I'll keep using my Rosetta Stone while I wait for enough time in my life to get my French Fridays rolling. And maybe by then France, at least as a vacation, will be more attainable and I'll have something more than the little voice inside me demanding a second language to drive my family into at least a passable ability to speak another language. (Umm, I think I need another fantasy moment.....)

Au revoir! Mes Amis!