June 10, 2009

More Fairy Party Dodads...

I love flickr.Anytime I'm searching for ideas for something I spend a few minutes (or hours) nosing around on flickr. Not that I've ever posted a photo there (sorry dad!) I'm the worlds worst photo organizer. iphoto organizes them by date when I download them and that's how they stay. But I love that other take the time to post there photos so that I can go and search out things I need inspiration for.

Before we moved to Charlottesville I spent a good number of hours looking at every photo tagged with the town on flickr. It helped convince me it was a good place to live. I've looked at room designs and found bird photos for Briton and all sorts of thing that I needed a lot of examples with minimal effort. Today I spent a happy twenty minutes looking at cupcakes. Yeah, go ahead, laugh. But then go type in cupcakes on flickr and see what you find. Today there were458,588 photos tagged with the word "cupcake" Tomorrow I'm sure there will be more.

So now that I'm (mostly) decided on what kind of cupcakes I'm making (I say mostly because we'll have to see how the royal icing turns out, could be a disaster, in which case I have a tub of pink Pillsbury frosting on standby) I can get to work finishing up the crowns.

I had planned to sew these, but my sewing machine is not being very friendly these days, it either needs a major cleaning or to be replaced, both of which cost about the same and neither of which I feel like shelling out for at the mo, so instead I opted for fabric glue and felt.

Felt is fabulous. It doesn't fray, it sticks to itself, it comes in lots of colors. Maybe it's the feltboarding kindergarten teacher in me, but I have a deep and enduring love for felt. So with that in mind and a table full of ribbon, stickers, glue and some interesting scrap booking borders I found on the sales rack at Michael's, away I went. I ran out of ribbon, which means another trip to Michael's (Oh, I wonder what I'll find this time, so many crafts, so little time) and I haven't tried them on a child's head yet to see if they stay on, but I think they are pretty cute. Hopefully the girls will think so too. T minus 5 days and counting to party time.