June 14, 2009

The Great Flower Fairy Tea Party

Ok, maybe Great is overdoing it. It can't really be a Great anything with just six girls, but it was pretty fun. This is really the first "party" we've had for Evelyn and compared with the six going on seven that we've done for Briton, this was, well, kind of a breeze.

Briton's third birthday party took place in a park and involved just about every man, woman and child we knew. We had pop tents and tunnels and horseshoes and lawn games on top of the entire playground. They screamed, they yelled, we drank and yelled. It was fabulous, but it also took me about a week to recover from it.

Today I watched six little girls sit primly at the table in their best princess best, drinking out of my best china and using their nicest manners. They colored and danced and played and generally had a girly time of it. It was also fabulous. And much less tiring.

I had planned to forego the royal icing but Will vetoed saying he loved it. And since Will almost never loves a dessert (there is something seriously wrong with that man) I went ahead with a royal icing take two (even prettier this time actually, and better cupcakes to start with) and also made a Swiss Merengue Buttercream (directions are wonderfully explained here, one of my favorite sites) so we had both.

And other than the merenge shells that defied my best efforts to keep them crisp after a major rainstorm and the inevitable humidity that followed last night and the fact that my daughter felt the need to stick her tounge for half the photos we took, the whole thing went off without a hitch. Now onto the boy party in a month and a half. I'm thinking campout....but we'll see.