June 16, 2009

A Fabulous Father's Day Card in Under a Minute

Nope, I kid you not, this project will take you less than a minute, and I guarantee you have everything you need in your house RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

See, I hadn't done a craft here for a few days (or weeks) and although I am embarking on a little sewing project tonight that will show up in a day or two, I was feeling bad for just yabbering for the past week with pretty much nothing to show for it. And since Father's Day is almost upon us and the kids and I just finished wrapping Will's gift, I thought this might be a good little sit down before dinner and make something kind of project.

I used to do this with my class, back in the days when I taught in Oregon where school doesn't let out for summer till the second week of June so you get to make Father's Day cards with your class. It's one of those projects that looks so cool and takes so little.

So, ready? Set your timers (but don't start till you get your materials because that will take you, oh, at least another minute, maybe two)

First your supplies. You will need
1 sheet of white paper. Really this can be any size and any paper weight. Personally I prefer a half sheet of regular old card stock so the finished card will be a 4 ish by 5 ish, an easy size to find an envelope for. And it could be any color, but I think white looks best.

a scrap of some other paper, about 1 inch by three inches long. Bigger if you are making a bigger card. This could be wrapping paper, construction paper, part of a cereal box or even just white paper that your kids color. If you are a scrapbooker, here's a great place to use up a little bit of left over patterned border or paper. Anything will do.

Tape or glue. Tape works best, but if your six year old has recently taken to making tape sculptures like mine and you are always out, glue will do.


That's it. See, I told you you had everything you needed!

OK. Onto the card, go ahead, time yourself.

First: fold the paper in half and crease it firmly.

Second: With the folded side on top, estimate about a sixth of the way down the narrower side of the card, cut a slit one third of the way in, repeat on the other side.

Fourth: Fold the little flaps you just made in at an angle as shown. Do you see it? Yep, it's a shirt. Now all you need is the tie, which brings us to step

Five: From the scrap of colored paper cut a tie shape that will go almost, but not all the way, down to the edge of the card.

Six: Slide a piece of tape in between the two parts of the tabs to hold down the "collar" and then use a little loop of tape to fasten the tie on. And your done!

Seriously, how friggin cute is that? Cute enough that even after seven father's days, my kids dad will still like it. And I'm sure your's will too (or your dad! I've sent them to mine, even daddy's of grown up girls like homemade father's day cards! I promise!)

Now, I've got to go get the kids into the bath and then to bed so I can get some pinning done. Happy card making!