November 30, 2009

Felt Trees and the Advent Garland

I think most of the Christmas decorations are officially up as of this afternoon. That's not to say that I wont add things as the month goes by, I'm sure I'll think of one or four other things that I NEED to have to make it seem Christmasy around here, but for now I'm set.

Two of the projects I tackled this weekend were of the decorate for the holidays variety. First, I was able to finish the felt trees I started last week. I won't give you a tutorial here because they are basically just pieces of felt cut in a triangle, sewn up the long side, stuffed and sewn up the bottom. Nothing earth shattering. I'd had these on the brain for the past month and was a little dismayed to find about ten different varieties of tall skinny felt or other material trees at target yesterday. And here I thought I was being cool.... But they do look festive clustered on the mantle and the bookshelf.

My other project was an advent garland. Now I'll tell you the truth, I have no idea how well this will work. We're having our chimney cleaned Friday in preparation for some Holiday fires and the garland will definitely have to come down when the logs are a-cracklin' But I wanted to make some kind of advent calendar this year that was out of the ordinary and this string of take out boxes (filled with chocolate of course) was what I came up with. The kids will still have the open the door variety because, well, it's just not Christmas without those, but we'll see how the garland works as well. We can always take it down and eat all the candy in one go. For now though, it looks pretty darn cute hanging next to the tree.

Tonight we are hoping to finish our big weekend project so I can show you all tomorrow. Exciting!