November 29, 2009

Projects, the Long Weekend, and Wreath #2

We had big plans for the Thanksgiving Weekend. First we were going to go away for the whole thing. Disappear, off to the beach or the mountains or a town in North Carolina that, although he's never seen it, Will seems to think is the greatest small town ever. But the dates snuck up on us. We need to book a cabin! we kept saying, and then all the cabins were gone.

So on to plan B. A project weekend. We made a list, a schedule, we were going to get GOBS done. And then we ate a huge turkey and fell asleep on the couch. And after that we went to get a tree and that took the entire day. So GOBS, well, not so much.

But we did get a few things done. One big thing that is not quite finished but should be by tomorrow project and several little ones. Cabinet paint was touched up, back yard forts were blocked in so children could hide in it, the tree and the mantle were decorated. Briton helped me to stuff the felt trees I made last week and we put them up around the living room. And I made wreath number two.

I still want to make two more. But like I said before, we'll see if that really happens. This second wreath was much easier, and faster, than the ornament-yarn wreath that is now happily hanging on the front door looking all cheery and Christmas-y. I found these cool Masonite wreath forms at the craft store, I'd never seen flat forms like it before but they were hanging in a totally different section of the store so maybe I've just been missing them. Or maybe I just ' made that many wreaths in my day.

Using one of our pint glasses as a template, I traced circles all over the leftover felt from the trees I made and cut them out over the last few days.

Then last night I hot glued the circles, folded in half, with a hot glue gun onto the wreath, along with a scrap of ribbon. Presto,
wreath done.

I'll have some more pictures up in the next couple of days about our big project and some on a few other Christmas projects I have in the works. Busy, busy...