November 16, 2009

Rows of Bows

I never thought I'd be a mother of a bow obsessed girl. In fact, I have a secret horror of bows. You cant blame me, I spent part of my childhood in Dallas. In the early 1990's. Yeah, remember those bows? Well, I guess if you weren't in Dallas in 1991, you probably wouldn't. But let me tell you, they were BIG and they were EVERYWHERE. I even remember one of my friends mothers who everyday wore a bouffant ponytail with an enormous bow that matched her outfit. It still give me the chills.

And yet, here I am, with Miss I must wear something pink and frilly every day and there needs to be not one but TWO bows in my hair, one for each pigtail. I've spent a lot of money on Etsy in the past two years on bows and hairclips. And even I will admit, it's ridiculously cute.

A few months ago Will's mom sent Evelyn a set of grosgrain ribbon bows in hot pink that we've worn, oh, at least twice a week and probably more since. And the other day she was sitting in my lap listening to me read Periwinkle Smith and the TwirlyWhirly Tutu for the billionth time when I looked down and those bows and thought, "well, I could make those."

This weekend I made a dreaded trip to the fabric store (dreaded because it's so SLOW to buy anything there, I wait until I have a pile of projects waiting in the wings before I brave it) and bought spools of ribbon in Evelyn's favorite colors. And today, despite the fact that I had to settle for snappy clips instead of alligator clips because I had been to three fabric stores and the craft store and hadn't found what I wanted, I started bowmaking.

Once I'd gotten myself going in the right direction it was pretty much a snap. Loop, loop, loop, loop, snip, wrap, glue. That's pretty much the drill. And now Evelyn has a row of bows on her clip holder. Well, she will tonight. After she has had a chance to wear EVERY ONE today.