June 9, 2010

Fun with Shipping Labels

A couple of months ago I saw something on Design*Sponge using one of those funky stamps where you put all the teeny little letters in with tweezers to make business cards. I think they were business cards at least. That's how it stuck in my head. And ever since I've been wanting to buy a set for myself to make my own cards. They aren't cheap however, so I've been putting it off. But since I am, for now, the only income earner in the house and having cards made ends up being about the same, I decided it was worth it. And while I was puttering around Staples (dangerous, I used to love to hang out in the supply room at my mom's office, so many pens and papers and notepads and stickies....) I also picked up a pack of shipping tags because, well, I love them.

So now I've been playing. Playing with the stamps, playing with tags, and now, because I'm getting ready for the Mad Hatter Party, playing with markers and tags and stamps all together. Hey, that almost sounds like a song. Markers and stamps and tags, Oh My!

These things are seriously fun. I can see that I'm going to have to restock soon because I'm going through them at a kind of alarming pace. They've been gift tags and bin labels and gift cards. It's like when I had my lovely label maker and could find so many uses for it. Except prettier than the dot matrix on white tape look that the label maker spit out.

Oh, I could use them on our work board too... and hanging from the drawer knobs of my craft dresser. Humm....Oh, and the price tag on Will's Mad Hatter hat. Oh the possibilities are endless. (I'm making Will dress up as the Hatter, complete with a giant tie. Hey, I didn't make him dress up at Halloween this year, he's due!)

OK, time to stop playing with tags, there are giant playing cards to make still!