June 1, 2010

Shuffle Continued....

This weekend Will and I finally got around to getting started with the second part of the big playroom to office shuffle - building storage in the kids room.

Because they share a room, which isn't huge to begin with, adding some built in storage has long been on our to-do list. But until all the toys that previously occupied the playroom moved upstairs, it had never been a critical issue.

After two weeks of bins and baskets piled everywhere, and more than a few night time tripping incidents, I convinced Will it was time to get going on building them some shelves.

We pulled apart the shelving unit that had been there, which was actually something that had been in the house when we moved in, to use the parts and added a sheet of MDF that Lowe's cut into three not-so-even strips. Will wanted to lift the whole thing off the floor and pull the molding forward the way we did in the living room which caused some frustration (uneven floors) but in the end, we got the thing mostly built, all except for one piece on the top which I mistakenly told Will to cut to 37 inches instead of 39 (can't read my own handwriting it seems)

All that's left to do is to paint, something I'm not looking forward to because I know I should use oil paint, which has worked so well on things like trim and selves, but I hate the stink. And I really hate how long it takes to dry. I'm waiting for a weekend when we will be gone for a day or two (camping maybe?) so I can pull everything out and slap on the paint and then not have to be there for the mess or the stink. We'll see.

And by the way, holy cow (or as Evie says it "Roly Cow!") why do my kids have so many books? That's just one shelf too, they have three in their room!.

Oh, Right. Well, there is that.....