June 15, 2010

The Mad Hatter and the Storm

So Evie's party has come and gone. I wont say it went off without a hitch because, well, right about the time we got down to playing croquet a crazy rainstorm hit and we all went running inside, croquet mallets and giant playing cards in hand. While the thunder rumbled outside the bigger kids played and the little ones watched a little bit of Alice in Wonderland (No,not the new version, do you think I'm crazy?) before digging in to the cookies and cake and presents.

I have to say that three and four year olds opening, or watching the opening of, presents is a little bit like watching toddler soccer. They all clump together trying to "help" and no one knows who has what.

After the presents and the cake (pink with pink frosting and pink sprinkles...of course) the sun came bursting out and they all ran out like sugar crazed monkeys (which they were) to play a little more croquet - or at least to run around the yard with their mallets flying.

The wrapping paper hats turned out brilliantly but it was so hot that day that no one could keep them on. Will, I'm sad to say, ended up with a paper bag hat instead of a paper mache one, although that turned out pretty cool too. I am glad, however, that I'm done planning little girl birthdays for another year. hopefully by then she'll be interested in something other than pink and tea parties. I'm not sure if I can come up with yet another way to spin that.