June 6, 2010

New Chairs or Old?

Because we are now paycheckless and officially starting a new business (or two, more later!) Will and I have called a halt to any major (read, if it costs money, it's major) renovation on the house. In my head I know this is the practical thing to do, but I look around the house and thing "but we never finished that! We haven't even started on this!" there are so many project that I want to do, and so many more that we've started but haven't yet finished. it's hard to think of going any length of time without working on some kind of something in our house. And the reality is that we wont really stop. We'll just scale down. I might not be able to talk Will into installing a huge skylight over our stairs, but painting the nasty redish brown deck, that's probably doable. Which is why I'm faced with a chair decision.

While Will and I are pretty good at finding deals, we are nothing compared to our friends Nell and Steve. They seem to come upon the most amazing finds for free, or close to it, all the time. Last week I got a message on my phone that they had found some chairs, was I still looking for chairs? Well yes and no. I needed more chairs for outdoors, we have six, plus two more that need serious aid before they can be used, but with our long table, we could, theoretically, have ten chairs out there. Did I need them? Probably not, but at $2 each, it seemed like a good idea.

The thing is, I also need chairs inside. Will and I bought our dining room table and chairs almost 10 years ago. They've served us well and we've loved them, but they have also lived through too many moves, two wiggly children and come from a time when, of course you matched your tables and chairs. For the past year I've been toying with the idea of getting a new set of chairs, something vastly different form the solid dark wood of our table. I haven't been able to convince Will of it, although when we had friends over for dinner the other night during a freak rain storm and couldn't use our much larger outdoor seating, I think he got the point as we all shoveled food while standing around the kitchen island. We need more chairs.

So now I'm faced with a decision. I have five, solid, kinda funky chairs that could be painted some interesting color and set around the dining room table, at last giving us a decent amount of seating.

Or I could use them outside (again painted, I've finally settled on a tealy blue and red color scheme for the outdoor chairs) and get above and beyond my ten chairs at the table goal.

What do we think?