April 4, 2011

on the road (train) again

I've always been afflicted with wanderlust. Even as a kid I would daydream about travel everytime a bus or train or plane passed by. For some reason that wanderlust has led more to moving rather than just travel, Will says its because normal people have crazy dreams about going places and they either just keep dreaming or take a vacation. Being far from normal, we end up moving.

But I'll admit. The last few years have cooled my need for the new. Or at least I thought they had. I haven't had that crazy urge as much since moving to Virginia. I think having kids in school is part of it. And living in a great neighborhood helps too. Sure, last time we were in an airport it almost killed me to have to walk past the flights to London, Paris, and my beloved Dublin for the boring old flight home to DC. But I made it.

Whe this NewYork adventure sprang I us, my first instinct was to say no. I was happy. We were happy. But very quickly that wanderlust started to take over and the desire for adventure started seeping back into my veins. I see it in the kids to. The fascination with the new. The wonder over what else life has to offer. It must be genetic, they are definitely our children. Will, by the way,was not born with wanderlust but ice rubbed off on him and he's even more of a dreamer than I am. Crazy how it works like that.

This morning we got on a train for New York. Not to move, obviously, just for a few days. Time to get acquainted with our new city a little. And when the train pulled I I got that flutter. The one I get when, for once, I'm the one boarding instead of the one sitting at the level crossing, watching the train pass me by. It's a good kind of day.

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