April 6, 2011

so far

It's funny what a few short days can teach you. For example, on day two and a half in New York I have already learned that:

The amount of thing on the "to bring to New York" list needs to be cut waaaaaay down if the little studio we are staying in for the moment is anything to go by.

Flip flops are not appropriate April in New York footware.

But then again. There are shoe stores everywhere here. Darn it. I just had to buy sone shoes!

Google map transit is awesome. But not infallible . Sometimes there is a closer subway stop.

By the same token it's worth trying out a few directions when searching for something like a grocery store. Because the crowded and expensive shop might be five steps this way. But Trader Joes might be six the other way. (dang it!)

My kids could live in the natural history museum.

Or FAO Schwartz (Evie in the pink section was hilarious)

Being on the city with an architect is pretty funny too. Do we go see the landmark buildings that everyone knows? No we do not! We have to go find the curved structure in Columbus Circle that Brad someone or other designed and the triangulated articulated somethingated tower down the road. Of course.

The people at the Plaza understand that little girls who love pink MUST go look for Eloise. And are happy to help.

Not so little boys who were once city kids switch back into metro mode easily. Little girls who have spent most of their lives in a small town do not.

Thank goodness for digital cameras. Because Evie took pictures of Every single animal in the museum. And Briton has logged about 600 photos of things on the street so far.

You can find anything here. Even this. (weird,right?)

As much as I love my garden and my house andy small town. There is another side of me that love love loves being in a city. I didn't know how much I missed it.

Chinatown, SoHo and lots of playground time today. All on my own with the kids while will is up at Columbia. Let the real test begin.

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