April 29, 2011

who knew?

So did you watch the Wedding this morning? I fully planned to but in the end, getting up for the bus wasn't going to happen, much less waking up for a wedding at 5 am. (I did watch it later thought)

Who knew that one little teeny tick bite could make you feel so freaking bad. That's right, good old Lyme's. Fun, fun, right?

Horse pills started, Heat pad is at the ready at all times for my achy joints and much napping is occurring (my head feels extraordinarily heavy that's normal, right?) and I'm hoping that after a restful weekend I'll be back up and running. I better be, because an apartment has been found!(Yay! More on that soon!) and the packing will soon commence. So my sleepy, achy butt better be over this thing ASAP!

Hope you have a lovely, restful weekend (minus the Lyme's Disease, of course)