April 11, 2011

we now return to our regularly scheduled blogging

Or at least I hope we do.
New York plans are grinding along. They are mostly a case of "hurry up and wait" because there is so much to do, and yet, a lot of things cant be done yet. I've packed what can be packed, but the rest is needed for living and, you know, making the house look nice for prospective buyers, we've chosen a neighborhood but not an apartment because we don't need one for another month or so, we've prepped the kids and made as many arrangements as we can and now we're just in a holding pattern.

Without anything concrete to focus on I find myself obsessing on the ridiculous, like, what is the perfect bag for walking around the city with kids or can I pull of skinny jeans since that is obviously the look in New York in general and around Columbia in particular or given the choice, would I rather have a dishwasher or a washer and dryer in our apartment? How long will it take for Evelyn to get it into her head that touching everything within reach on the subway and then licking her hands is not a great idea? And then on the flip side, how awesome is my city boy at making his way through the hustle and bustle with out batting an eye?
But other than those random thoughts that are constantly running through my heads, life is starting to get back to normal. Or normalish. We work, we play, we fix up the house. Projects that were on the back burner for a while there are reemerging.
Like knitting. I haven't' been knitting much lately but 12 hours on a train can give you some serious knitting time, or maybe it was getting to go wander through a mecca of knitting recently. Either way, the great Christmas slipper debacle is well on it's way to being rectified, Evelyn's sweater is finally coming to an end and a new one for me is in the works. I saw someone wearing something like this last week and had the overwhelming urge to knit one like it right now. Good thing I still had a ton of worsted yarn in my stash left over from this sweater. I've also got some chairs to paint, our dining room chairs are pretty much done for and we are neither taking them with us nor storing them so the school house chairs that we used for a while last summer are going to get some fresh paint and some cushions for their new home (but first, I have to figure out a table, somehow I doubt we'll find an apartment that can accommodate our huge table, not, that is, unless we want to fore go other things, like, um beds or a couch) and a few other sewing projects are sitting on my table (figuratively, everything is stowed away in preparation for house viewings) that I'm hoping to get done before the good weather really hits. If it ever does....

So what's on your to-do list this week? Anything fun?