September 13, 2010

One Thing

How did we do last week? I saw in comments that people made progress and hey! that's the name of the game, right?

So here is the sweater. Although it was hot in the days after I finished, it's cooled down now, especially in the mornings, and so it's nice to have something cozy to pull on when I head out to wait for the bus. It is way to big however. Kind of hard to keep on my shoulders at times. When I read through the notes on Ravelry I was worried about it not being long enough, I didn't think about it being too wide. I may try to block it again but I think it's just going to be a way to big cozy sweater. We all need one of those anyway. I may actually try making another one, taking a few inches out of the width. We'll see. Knitting may be like sewing for me, I never like to make the same thing twice.

How did your projects go? Any pictures? What is your One Thing for this week?

My goal is to get out and winterize the vegetable beds. We've been working so hard at painting the house that it's gotten neglected a little. Time to shut down most of the beds and plant a few winter crops in the one I'll leave open a little longer. I have discovered that, much as I enjoy a beautifully landscaped yard, I still prefer vegetable gardens to flower gardens. I can't seem to feel much interest in keeping my yard and flower beds weeded and tidy. I do it the same way I clean windows or bathrooms, because I must. But I love digging in the vegetable patch. It's cathartic and rewarding and now that it's cooler, my fingers itch to get out there and dig and weed and rip out overgrown plants. I'm already plotting over what to plant next year if I want even more beds or longer ones or if what we have is enough (never!). Hopefully the weather will hold and I can take a morning that isn't filled with work or projects or a visit to the apple orchard with Evie's class and get digging.

One Thing
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So, what will you be up to this week?