September 29, 2010

Father, Daughter and...Cats?

In the swirl of last week I was reminded over and over again, both by family members galore and simply by watching, that my children, especially Briton, are their father all over again. And he is his father all over again. They look alike, they act alike, they move their hands the same way. I know they are mine because, well, I was there, and it hurt. Plus they have my eyelashes. Not that I have those long lashes anymore, they fell out when Briton came along. What can I say, I gave up my lashes for my children.
But back to the family thing. My children are, in so many ways, little mini-Will's. And I get that, because I am my father's daughter all the way. OK, I'm also a lot like my mom, more so the older I get, but I've always been a little mini-Clyde.

We're a lot alike, my dad and I. We're both maybe the teensiest bit clumsy, not that we'd admit it. We both play a wicked game of Trivial Pursuit, because we both absorb obscene amounts of facts that no one really needs to know. We both understand that, in the face of trouble or anxiety or celebration or exhaustion or, you know, 8 pm, the first thing you do is put on the kettle for some tea. And we both, it seems attract animals when we write.
This is my favorite picture of my dad. I'm not sure when it was taken, probably before I was even born given the shape of the 'stache. But I've always loved how he's totally ignoring that cat, and the cat is so loving on him.
Yesterday I sat at the computer with the dogs head on my knee and the cat lounging next to, and occasionally across, the keyboard. Part of it is that we've been out of town so both pets are trying to out love each other, but really, it's not that odd. The cat chills on my desk, or lap, or computer, the dog hangs out at my feet. Or on my feet. Sometimes she just sits there trying to lick my feet. I'm not sure what that's about.
Which is just a long way of saying that I like the fact that I am my father's daughter. I hope, one of these days, my kids look back and think that they are like me too, even if, by outward appearances, they are Grimm's through and through.

Are your kids all you or all their other parent?