September 16, 2010


A couple of months ago a friend asked if we would be interested in having our house, really our kitchen, on a home tour in the fall. At the time I was totally flattered. I mean, I love our kitchen, it's exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be more tickled that other people seem to like it so much too. But house tour-worthy? We're DIYers in a town full of people who can, and do, hire out experts to have their renovations done. So I didn't really feel worthy, but it's for a good cause and will help spread the word about Will's business so what they hey, it was months away.

Except now, it's a very few short weeks away. And I'm in a leeeetle bit of a panic. There are so many things in our house that just aren't done. Bookshelves missing trim, windows that need scraping, wood floors that needs a real refinishing, not just a quick once over with some stain. Oh, and, right, the house is half painted.

I keep telling myself that we do better with a deadline. And we do. Plus, if we get things done for the tour, then we'll be all set for our annual pumpkin party a few weeks later. Unless we start another project between the two which, knowing us, we probably will. For now though, we have a list a mile long of things that must get finished. Before long that list will probably be divided into things that really must get finished and things that should be finished if there is time and things that can wait or be covered up. Like that big splotch of house paint on the deck which should be painted but will probably end up with the grill wheeled over it for the day.

Let the countdown begin, 23 days till oh-my-gosh-people-are-coming-to-see-our-house time.