September 1, 2010

Shoes + Beads = Happy Girl

The other day I was sitting at the PTO table at Briton's school, doing my duty for the open house when Will called and said that Evelyn had no shoes. Well not no shoes, but none he could find. He was supposed to be bringing Briton down to meet his teacher but had been hunting for shoes for 30 min with no luck, did I know where any were?

Now when I left the house that afternoon, Evie had a pair of brand spanking new mary jane's on, but this whole scenario didn't surprise me. The girl once lost a pair of shoes at a friends house and they didn't turn up for months despite vigilant looking by everyone in the household. She's excellent at hiding shoes. It's my belief that she thinks that by hiding the shoes she has, she'll get more shoes which, really, is true. Because in the end Will took her to the store on the way to the school and bought her a new pair. Smart cookie.

When I got home later that day I did find the shoes. One pair was at the neighbors, one was behind one of the clothes baskets in my closet (humm, how did they get their missy?) and one was being chewed up by the dog.

Normally Evelyn has a lot of shoes. More than me in fact. But between a growth spurt a few weeks before and Nigella's sudden and passionate taste for shoes, we were running a but low. So yesterday we went to the shoe store to pick out a new pair of tennies for fall. She had two criteria, Pink and sparkles (I know, what a shock!) and I had one, easy to get on. Ideally we'd get her some Lillie Kelly shoes which are her favorites, but they are beyond the budget. So somethign close had to be found. We found pink and easy to get on, sparkly and easy to get on and sparkly and pink but impossible for her to do on her own.

In the end we came home with a pair of wee little pink flowered converse (oh my gosh my kid is wearing converse! I'm old!) and a box of beads. DIY sparkly shoes.

Sewing on shoes is not as easy as I thought it would be, but it's not bad. It would probably go faster if Evie didn't stand next to me asking if they were done yet and then pointing out a spot that needed more beads. Hopefully I can get them both done (or sparkly enough) by Monday because she "REALLY" wants to wear them to school so she can show Sofia because Sofia likes sparkly things too. Better go find my thimble.