September 15, 2010

First Field Trip

I remember going with Briton on his first field trip. A dusty trip to the pumpkin patch on a too hot for fall type of day. He chose a pumpkin twice the size of his head instead of the smaller variety that his classmates picked, dragging it along behind him, determine to get it to the car by himself.

It doesn't seem that long ago and yet...

Evelyn was bundled into the front pack that day, just shy of four months old. And now today was her first field trip up to the apple orchard that looks out over town with her class.
She and her two "best friends" stuck together like glue the whole time. It's a whole new experience to see her with friends who are just her friends and not the younger siblings of Briton's friends. And funny to watch her be "one of the girls" when at home she is so often one of the boys (well, other than the tutu)

Butternut squash and apple soup tonight, and applesauce for a snack. And another trip back, I think, for the whole family, once the red apples are ready! Yumm, Fall!