September 17, 2010

Apples! Apples!

I am honestly amazed that my kids aren't sick with the number of apples they've consumed over the past few days. Seriously, the two bags Evie and I brought home plus the bowl full of apples we already had are pretty much gone. Fortunately they seem to have stomachs of steel, not surprising since they are my kids and I can gorge myself on fruit and nothing but fruit and come out fine. Or at least I could when I was a kid, now, eh, not so much.
Yesterday Evelyn and I made applesauce, one of her five major food groups (the others are yogurt, pasta, string cheese and bananas - see the beige theme there). And while eating applesauce from"her apples" was definitely exciting, it wasn't nearly as cool as running the apple peeler.

Will bought me the apple peeler back before we were married, which might sound like an odd sort of gift to give your girlfriend, but in reality was one of my favorite presents, as now, he knew me well. Over the years it's gotten a lot of use, so much so that the handle is missing and the little protector plate that keeps the screw from damaging your counter has long since gone. But I still pull it out in the fall to peel and core apples, and it never fails to please, the kids or me. Briton is a master of apple peeling by now, but it's only this year that Evie is old enough to turn the crank.
Would it be breaking the child labor laws if I put her to work peeling enough apples for a years worth of applesauce? I suppose considering we are currently going through two jars a week, it probably would. Oh well, I can always rope her brother into the job as well. :)
This weekend we are, hopefully, going to tackle siding the old porch, the only part of the house that didn't have lovely clapboard siding on it under the old aluminium stuff. And the door will get a fresh coat of (red! Thanks guys!) paint. What are you up to this weekend?